STUDY: It’s Bad To Eat Kooko and Beans

The source of many Diseases and the Reason Diseases refused To Go Away.

If You want to enjoy Good Health Please Study Proper Food Combination. Why?

Because when Food is properly combined, every organ in the body enjoys. However, if Food Is wrongly combined, All Health abnormalities arise. The Liver suffers so much. In some cases, it gives up (Death) or serious Illnesses occur.

Millions of people enjoy Beans and Ripe Plantains. As a matter of Fact, Beans and Ripe Plantains are so Delicious that people fancy the most. However, It is one of the most wrongly combined Food.

Cooking Food like Beans with Unripe Plantain has No problems. In Fact It is a Perfect Combination which makes digestion easy. However, the same plantain, When It Ripes becomes Fruit. Check The Difference.

A. Unripe Plantain Is Not Sweet.

B. You Can’t Eat It Raw.

C. Ripe Plantain Is Very Sweet.

D. You Can Eat It Raw.

This Explains that Heat or Fire turns the Sweetness, known as Fructose to Acidity . Not just Acidic, but Highly Acidic.

Trace Any Disease, It Boils down to Acidity. Check Most Pain In The Body, It Is Caused By Acid. Acid Forming Foods are extremely Dangerous and should be avoided if you want to enjoy Good Health.

Even though Food Like Beans are also Acid Forming During Metabolism. However, such Acid is called PH Balance. (Acid/Alkaline Balance) They are good provided you digest them well. Unless you are Allergic to such.

The Difference here is that, when Fruits are damaged by fire, they become poisonous to the body. Who suffers? The Liver!

Here is the Problem: Beans takes between 5 to 7hrs to Digest Properly .

1While Ripe Plantains take Just 3Hrs.

2No Fruit Digest in the Stomach. But In the Terminal Ileum.

3While Beans Digest In the Stomach.

4The Ripe Plantain Doesn’t need Pancreatic Enzyme to Digest.

While Beans Need. When they are combined, the ripe plantain tries to Leave the Stomach to Travel to the Terminal Ileum where It Digests but the Beans Won’t allow it. This struggle goes on for long  until Fermentation takes Place. As you maybe aware, Fermentation Is the source of many known diseases today.

Therefore combining Beans and Ripe Plantain is Called Delicious Poison.

I will advice we avoid Cooking, Baking, frying and boiling ripe plantains… It is best to eat it RAW.

Always Remember and never forget that Good Health Is Never By Luck rather by Implicit Obedience to God’s Divine and Health Laws. It Is the Highest Treasure anyone can have.

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