No politician involved in Galamsey will go to Heaven – Yamoah Ponkoh

Former Municipal Chief executive (MCE) of Ejisu Juaben municipality, Afrifa Yamoah Ponko has described the President’s fight against illegal mining as dubious and a reason no politician will make it to Heaven.

According to him, Politicians take to a lot of platforms to lie and deceive the majority of Ghanaians, give them fake promises and fail to fulfill such promises and it is based on these lies and unfulfilled promises that not a single politician in Ghana can prove innocence.

Commenting on activities of operation vanguard in the fight against galamsey on ‘Pure Morning Drive’ hosted by Kwame Adinkra on Wednesday, February 19, the renowned politician stated

“Kwame, posterity will judge all of us , especially we the politicians. The kind of comments that come out of our mouths… I’m not sure politicians will make it to heaven of which I’m involved. We’re evil minded to the core. The promises we make concerning galamsey and the way we deliver the opposite is evident enough that politicians and pastors , about 99% of us won’t make it to Heaven. God will punish us because we lied through our teeth. We’re playing with the minds of people. Look at what is going on after telling Ghanaians you’ll curb the galamsey menace.”

Yamoah Ponkoh appealed to the President to ask for forgiveness as each person will be judged according to his works.

“Nana Akufo Addo wherever he is must bow his head and ask God for forgiveness. He has wasted taxpayers money on curbing galamsey which has come to nought. This money could have been used to pay contractors to complete construction of our roads. I hear four hundred million dollars ($400m) was used in that operation. How, i mean how? that’s loads of money gone waste! he yelled.

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