China has to appease angry god to halt Coronavirus- Eagle Prophet

Founder and General Overseer of God’s Crown Chapel, Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi popularly known as Eagle Prophet says the deadly virus claiming lots of lives is as a result of the anger of some god in China.

According to him, the people of China have offended their god he described as a “supreme god” hence the outbreak of Coronavirus.

“The main cause of this disease is simple, the Chinese have offended their gods, they have offended one of their gods and that is a Supreme God”.

The Eagle Prophet also stated that every country has a particular god they hold in high esteem and worship. But the gods of the Chinese have been defiled hence the wrath of the gods against the people.

“Every country has a god they submit to and believe in so much. All these gods have their rules and regulations governing them. The wrath of the god comes upon the people but God is willing to save the innocent ones who are dying”, he revealed in a video. According to him, the introduction of vaccines and trial experiments are not the antidotes to the pending problem. He has urged the government of China to investigate on how they have offended the Supreme god and appease it to save lives.

“I do not believe in their gods but this is what God has revealed to me. They have to go back to their god and perform the necessary sacrifices after which they will be a heavy downpour which will wipe away the sickness. I am telling you as a prophet of God”, he assured.

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