Ghana Will Be Chaotic If Elections Are Not Held On 7th December – John Boadu

The General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), has disclosed that there will be chaos greater than the novel coronavirus if a president is not elected on 7th December, 2020.

He explained that the government should take measures for the Electoral Commission to undertake election activities as they find ways to curb the deadly virus.

Speaking with Kumasi based Angel FM morning show, hosted by Kwame Tanko, Mr. Boadu admitted that the world is faced with a crisis ‘yet there should be means for citizens to renew their mandate as they do every four years’.

‘The election must be held on 7th December. The Electoral Commission must employ every means possible for us to vote on that day or the chaos that this country will go through, it will be more than the coronavirus”

Mr. Boadu said Ghana is not the only country in the world affected by the virus, citing countries who have gone through the voting process under strict safety protocols.

‘There are a lot of countries with far more cases of the virus than us but have successfully conducted elections by putting in place strict safety protocols to safeguard the voters; Mali has voted, South Korea has voted, Tanzania would vote in October, so I do not see anybody in Ghana opposing the elections on December 7’.

According to the secretary of the elephant party, if the Speaker Of Parliament acts as the president backed by law, within the spate of three months there should be polls conducted to elect a president.

John Boadu revealed that there will be confusion if the citizens are not allowed to exercise their rights calling on the leadership of Parliament to see to it that measures are taken for the Electoral Commission to carry out the necessary activities.

“By September, the Electoral Commission should be able to conclude on all the necessary data for political parties to go through before the General Election” He said.

This is the position of all political parties, not just the NPP, he cleared.

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