Unveiling A Running Mate Is Political But Promising To Build Hospitals And Other Projects If Elected Is Playing Ampe?- PK Sarpong “knocks” Mahama

Unveiling A Running Mate Is Political But Promising To Build Hospitals And Other Projects If Elected Is Playing Ampe?

Ghanaians are not only crimson with rage over Mahama’s insentient posturing towards the plight of the people  in this period of COVID-19 to be doing politics but also gobsmacked at his level of hypocrisy.

During his live broadcast, a question was asked him about why it has taken forever for him to name his running mate. His response was that what should be our fixation right now is the battle we have waged against coronavirus and now political issues like naming a running mate.

In essence, the flagbearer of the NDC would want us to believe that we cannot be thinking about anything political campaigns and elections as we are faced with an enemy which is more than formidable, that is, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is it not perplexing that the very person who says he would not engage in a political journey of naming his running mate because of COVID-19 would, at the same time, hold a live Facebook broadcast to do politics?

He says naming his running mate is political and he would, therefore, not engage in same but have been organizing live video sessions to promise to build hospitals and other projects.

Mahama’s kind in terms of hypocrisy is yet to be bested in our political history. He proposes to build roads, hospitals and setting up needless committees to score political points but tells us unveiling a running mate is insensitive.

We don’t need to be geniuses to figure out that John Mahama has no running mate as we speak. Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia is giving him nightmares.

Is it not interesting that he says he has his running mate choice but also intimated that he is in talks with the party’s leadership over same? If he has picked someone already, why the need to continue engaging his party’s leadership again?

He has no advisors, thinkers and strategists. He only can boast of bootlickers who led him astray in 2016 and will not falter in repeating that landmark humiliation he received at the polls.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

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