At this point we cannot do anything but register – Benard Mornah

The National Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Benard Mornah, who has on several platforms made public his disagreement with the Electoral Commission on its decision to compile a new voters register says the only thing to do now is for them to register since all attempts to stop the exercise failed.

Even though Mr. Mornah still stands with the view that the EC’s reasons for the registration are “illogical, needless and without merit”, he says the parties that resisted the EC have no choice now than to partake in the exercise.

“I would want to say once again that it is illogical, needless and without merit to compile a new voters’ register. Particularly so, when it is the same Electoral Commission that has said on countless times that the current register is very credible and without blemish. The reasons the EC had given for wanting to change the current register has been defeated multiple times in any argument, but the EC is in persistent in doing this. It is something that marvels many citizens.”

“Never in the history of our nation has the EC decided to embark on an exercise received such a massive rejection from the population. The EC has the backing of the ruling party and therefore they want to go ahead. We have no option because our hands are tied to our backs, but we have alerted some potential dangers and the EC much watch out,” he said on Accra based Citi Fm on Monday.

Registration exercise begins today

The much anticipated voter registration exercise that was met with a lot of protests up until the Supreme Court cleared for the process to go on started earlier today.

The Electoral Commission is expected to compile of a new electoral roll for the December presidential and parliamentary elections.

The exercise will be held at 6,788 clusters made up of five registration centres each across the country.

This covers over 33,367 registration centres situated within the country.

It will be conducted in five phases, each phase spanning six days with additional days for mop-up.

On average, an applicant is expected to be registered and issued a Voter ID Card within 10 minutes.

EC deploys 44,000 staff

The Electoral Commission has indicated that more than 44,000 officers have been recruited for the voter registration exercise.

According to the EC chair, Jean Mensaall the personnel have been well trained and are ready for the exercise.

“A major concern a number of citizens have raised with us has to do with the quality of our temporary officers. We have recruited, trained, and deployed over 44, 000 staff into the field. We are confident that the training provided them to operate efficiently and professionally. As part of the training, we have drummed home the importance of instilling in them the principles of integrity, fairness, and transparency in all their activities throughout the registration process”.

COVID-19 and deployment of over 7000 Health Workers

Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Jean Mensa has disclosed that the EC will employ the services of some 7, 000 health personnel have for the voter registration exercise.

The exercise which is scheduled to begin Today, June 30 has been criticized due to the COVID-19 outbreak but the EC chair believes the presence of the health officials will help in adhering to all safety protocols.

“It is important to note that the Ghana Health Service released some 7,000 health assistance to each of the registration centres nationwide. It is expected that the health assistance will assist us in ensuring strict adherence to the safety protocols outlined by the Electoral Commission and all of these safety measures, we will rely on your cooperation dear citizens.”

Aged and Vulnerable
According to the EC, special arrangements have been made for “persons with disabilities, pregnant women and nursing, the aged, that is persons 60 years and above as well as the sick, will be given priority at all registration centres”.

Such persons can walk into the District Offices of the Electoral Commission to be registered from Thursday, July 2, 2020.

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