NPP hates Ewes, sees Voltarians as foreigners – Fifi Kwetey

The governing New Patriotic Party hates Ewes and sees people of the Volta Region as non-Ghanaians, Ketu South MP Fifi Kwetey has said.

At a press conference on Monday, 29 June 2020, Mr Kwetey said the sudden influx of military personnel in his constituency, in particular, and Volta Region, in general, is timed to coincide with the commencement of the voter registration exercise across the country, which starts today.

“The bottom line is that as far as the NPP is concerned, the people of the Volta Region are foreigners; the Ewes are not Ghanaians,” Mr Kwetey said, adding: “This siege of the Volta Region dates back to the NPP’s perennial hatred toward any group of people that they perceive as standing between them and their insatiable desire for absolute political power”.

According to him, the NPP’s superiority complex is the driver of its “show of tribal hatred”.

“This show of tribal hatred did not start today. The Nana Addo government is only taking it to a whole new level. This deep-seated animosity comes from a sense of entitlement: the belief that because they are ‘superior Ghanaians’, all others who do not share their political perspective must be deemed ineligible so that the political fortune of Ghana would remain exclusively in their hands”, Mr Kwetey noted.

He said: “It is high time the NPP family were told once and for all that the fact that they never once won any election against Kwame Nkrumah had nothing to do with foreigners. Nkrumah was beloved by most of the people of Ghana and won elections freely and fairly. The founder of the NPP family, J.B. Danquah, could not even win one election in his lifetime. Instead of addressing why their political group has, for the most part, lost most elections, the NPP chooses rather to direct their venom and hatred toward innocent groups and accuse them of being aliens”.

“It will be recalled that this was the biggest reason that the NPP family introduced the Aliens Compliance Order in 1969 – a wicked legislation introduced by them when they finally won, through manipulation, the 1969 elections after orchestrating to have the CPP banned. What cowards and manipulators they have always been”.

“It is high time the NPP family were informed that their humiliating electoral loss to President Rawlings in both the 1992 and 1996 elections, had nothing to do with foreigners from Togo. The Volta Region, together with 8 other regions, voted for President Rawlings and the NDC in both 1992 and 1996. This was an overwhelming support in all the regions of Ghana, except one. In fact, there is no previous election the NDC has won in Ghana that the party did not win, at least, 8 of the 10 regions.”

“Was it Togolese who have won the Central and Western Regions for the NDC in all the elections the party won? Was it them who won the Eastern Region for the NDC in both 1992 and 1996? Was it them who win the Greater Accra and Brong Ahafo Regions anytime NDC wins the general elections?”

“Those watching this looming danger, but failing to speak up and condemn it should remember that their silence makes them accomplices and posterity will judge them if their own consciences fail to do so,” Mr Kwetey said.

Meanwhile, Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul, has said soldiers and officers of the Ghana Armed Forces have been deployed to border areas across the entire country and not just to the Volta and Oti Regions as claimed by the Minority and former President John Mahama.

Addressing journalists at the Information Ministry on Monday, 29 June 2020, Mr Nitiwul said operation ‘Enhanced Calm Life’ will last for as long as the President keeps Ghana’s borders closed.

Mr Nitiwul gave the breakdown of the deployment as follows: Volta Region – three officers, 95 soldiers; Oti Region – two officers, 70 soldiers; Northern Region – five officers, 105 soldiers; North-East Region – three officers, 99 soldiers; Upper East – eight officers, 199 soldiers; Upper West – three operational areas – Wa (One officer, 15 soldiers), Tumu (One officer, 35 soldiers), Hamile (four officers, 15 soldiers); Savanna (Damongo and Bole) – no officers, 21 soldiers; Bono Region – 64 soldiers.

“I am giving you these statistics for you to know that there’s no agenda against a particular tribe”, Mr Nitiwul said, adding: “In fact, if you add the numbers, the Konkombas, which is my tribe, have the most soldiers stationed [with them] than any other tribe in Ghana. I have an agenda against my own tribe?”

According to him, the Konkombas are the majority tribe in the North-East and Oti Regions, insisting: “There’s no agenda of the government of Ghana against any particular tribe”.

“I want to urge the people who are going on that particular tangent to drop it. It doesn’t help us”, the Bimbilla MP noted.

He said the Volta Region has the fourth-highest number of military personnel deployed there (98) relative to the Upper East – 207, Northern Region – 110 and North-East Region – 102.

“So, I want the chiefs and the people of the Volta Region to know that the information the NDC Minority and former President John Mahama are feeding them is pure propaganda”, Mr Nitiwul said, adding: “It should be ignored, it’s pure mischief, it’s pure propaganda”.

He said: “We have deployed across the entire country and the purpose is to aid and support the Ghana Immigration Service to stop people from crossing [into Ghana] because we have too many unapproved routes and the COVID numbers are getting higher and higher and higher and we will not sit aloof and allow our people to die because people have crossed into our country”.

Mr Nitiwul said: “If people have any reason – whether NDC, NPP, CPP or any other party – of bringing in anybody for whatever purpose, the protocol is very clear: Bring them in through the approved channels. Let them be quarantined for 14 days, then they can do whatever they want to do. But for the people of Ghana, I’m concerned about their health. It’s my duty to make sure that the people of Ghana are safe, and, at this particular time, we are all in danger”.

“For anybody to suggest that we just deployed only to Aflao or Volta Region, it’s misplaced, its misinformation and the person is just seeking mischief”, he stressed.

The Defence Minister urged eligible Ghanaians in the Volta Region to go about their electoral processes without fear or favour since the army personnel are not there to intimidate but rather protect them.

“The people of the Volta Region, particularly the chiefs and people will register and register well. The people of Ghana will register and register well. The soldiers are not coming to any polling station, the soldiers will be at the border to stop people from coming in or going out across the whole border – Volta, Oti, Northern, North-East, Upper East, Upper West, Bono, Western-North and Savanna – … and the soldiers are to help the Immigration [Service] to stop anybody from crossing into Ghana or leaving Ghana because our borders are locked to human traffic. What we’ll accept is cargo but for human traffic, we’ll not accept”.

“If you want to bring any human being in, go to the Ghana Embassy, register and that person will come in and spend time at his own cost for a quarantine period of 14 days and once we are OK that that person is not a COVID-19 patient, that person can go. But to think that a responsible government, when the numbers [of COVID-19] are going up, will sit and fold our arms to allow people just to come in because a particular party wants people to come in, that one will not happen”.

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