Our Wives Beat Us Too But We Are Afraid To Report- Ghanaian Men

Some men have complained to the domestic violence and victim support unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana police service, formerly known as Women and Juvenile unit (WAJU) that their wives also beat them but are unable to report them owing to stigmatization and stereotype.

This came to light after the institution’s name was changed from WAJU to DOVVSU to cater for all domestic violence cases including men. “Our wives beat us too but because of how the society is and how men are regarded, it is difficult for us to report to the police. I am sure the police officers would even laugh at a man if he makes such claims.

“Personally, there is no way I would report such a case because aside from being shy I would be teased by my friends and family” a man who spoke on condition of anonymity spoke to the media.

He said the society sees men as the head of the family and naturally stronger than women so it was difficult for a man to report that he had been beaten or abused by his wife.

Statistics from DOVVSU

In 2013, the unit recorded a total of 2,089 cases of threat from various regions out of the number, only 347 of the cases were reported by male victims and the remaining 1,742 by female victims.

Again 4,687 females victims also reported cases of assault against 170 male victims, and of the 173 cases of indecent assaults reported, only 5 of the victim were men with remaining 168 women.

With the exception of abortion, attempted abortion, abandonment and child trafficking cases which had a higher number of females, most of the cases comparatively had a higher number of males as the suspects.

Some of the offences recorded include abduction, causing damage, unlawful ejection, force marriage, kidnapping, bigamy, child theft and unlawful removal of child. Others were non-maintenance, child abuse, causing harm, unlawful entry, defilement, rape, sodomy and incest.

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