It’s a calculated witchcraft attack on him – Pastor Sylvester Ofori’s spiritual father

Prophet Elisha Salifu Amoako, Founder and General Overseer of Alive Chapel International who doubles as the spiritual father of Sylvester Ofori, the US-based Ghanaian pastor who allegedly shot and killed his wife, has said his spiritual son’s action was a “calculated witchcraft attack on him”.

According to the prophet who has known the two for a very long time, he once had a vision about the demise of Barbara Tommey when he paid them a visit in Orlando and subsequently cautioned Ofori.

He recalled that the couple used to have a beautiful relationship but the narrative changed.

“I visited them; his wife complained to me about their situation,” he said on Adom FM. “I spoke to them. I went to him on a different day and told him he should be careful otherwise, he will kill his wife. Whatever has happened was caused by a spirit that is haunting the gentleman.”

Prophet Amoako continued: “People are whining on social media but they don’t even know the man. I know him. I know them. I prophesied they’d go to America before they left the shores on Ghana. I repeat, something is haunting the gentleman. Whatever has happened is pure witchcraft; it is a calculated witchcraft attack on him.”

Speaking highly of Ofori, Prophet Amoako said the 35-year-old is very sober.

He said: “The guy is a very good guy. He is very respectful. Something triggered his action. A spirit caused it. There are powers in this world. This can happen to anybody.”

Ofori appears before U.S court over gruesome murder of wife

Ofori has made his first court appearance following his arrest for the murder of wife. He appeared before a federal judge in Florida looking rather subdued and calm as first-degree murder charges were brought against him.

Prosecutors in the case also detailed to a judge the procedure that led to his arrest.

The US-based Ghanaian pastor is alleged to have followed his estranged wife to her place of work and shot her in the back with a gun.

Prosecutors further added that a raged Ofori stood over the body of his wife as she took her last breath and fired more rounds into her.

Following the gruesome murder, Sylvester Ofori’s social media activity has made headlines in Ghana.

Per some previous Facebook posts of his, Ofori before the death of his 27-year-old wife Barbara Tommey, suggests that he was a deeply troubled man.

Watch Prophet Elisha Salifu Amoako speak on what pushed his spiritual son to murder his wife. Skip to the 4th minute.

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