Churches have no say in marriages – Counselor Lutterodt

Maverick relationship and marriage expert, Counselor George Lutterodt says institutional deficiency is to be blamed for domestic abuses in the country and pragmatic measures must be taken to correct the mistake.

To him, the church is not a stakeholder in marriages thus they do not play any pivotal role in the making of marriages.

“Institutional deficiency is among increase domestic violence. One of the institutions that we are forcing them to join marriage is the church because the church has no say in marriage,” Counselor Lutterodt told Original FM’s Kwaku Owusu Adjei Friday.

He added that “but unfortunately, we’re forcing them [church] to be part of our conversation when it comes to marriage. And, based on that the church leaders are rubbing themselves into the fraternity of marriage and also they are putting unusual measures in place, so, it seems we are preventing people from expressing their concerns and when they’re fed-up, they act.”

He holds the assertion marriages raised in the church are faced with floodgates of challenges but couples do not opt for divorce due to the dogmas of the church they are guided by which strongly advises against divorce.

“Marriages built in the church; close to ninety-six to ninety-eight percent causes a lot of challenges but we are silence and stay married regardless saying, ‘God will do’; ‘It is my cross’; ‘God has made me so’; usually that is what they do,” he said.

In addition, the outspoken counselor noted that in the institution of marriage, “we have protocols and procedure; several people do not adhere to them. An immature unmarried man wants to get laid a woman, so, he wants to tie the knot with her.

“It is not a man’s responsibility to assist a man under marriage but to enjoy the riches of the man. We don’t give a woman’s hand to marriage to help the man become successful.

According to Mr. Lutterodt, the basis of most domestic abuses is directly linked to the parent of a spouse’s failure to jilt her spouse over abuses.

He mentioned that men who abuse their spouse are immature adding assaulting a woman is not an option when a brawl erupts.

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