Refund duped monies to the poor people if indeed you’ve repented-Olumanba to repented Agradaa

Following Agradaa’s repentant words, Young Political Activist and Convener for ‘End sendi ma me nsendi’ Emmanuel Abankwah Kesse widely known as Olumanba has backlashed Agradaa.

Nana Agradaa in a press conference today said she has repented

However, Political activist Olumba who has been fighting with ‘Mallams’ and people who are duping the poor through their TV channels said Patricia Asiedu must be forced to refund the monies she fraudulently embezzled from innocent Ghanaians through ‘Sika Gari’

“I will be very disappointed if Agradaa is not compelled to pay back monies she stole from innocent Ghanaians”
He added that “Even Zacchaeus in the Bible, after duping people through taxation, refunded their monies on his day of salvation”

Olumba in his submission said failure to deal with Agradaa will make people think there are no laws in Ghana.

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