We can’t guarantee #FixTheCountry Protestors Will Adhere To Covid-19 Protocols – Police

The Ghana Police Service says it cannot guarantee that protestors of the #FixTheCountry movement will adhere to the Covid-19 safety protocols on May 9.

According to the Head of the Public Affairs Unit of Accra Regional Police Command, DSP Effia Tenge on Joy FM monitored by DGN Online, the police command will not be able to provide the necessary security amidst the pandemic.

“The Police Service cannot guarantee any security looking at the spread of the Covid-19 and the kind of dangers that it poses to members of the public should they attend this demonstration. This means that the demonstration has to be halted and has been communicated in a written letter in response”.

DSP Effia Tenge added that the police service will seek a court order to back its stance if the protestors decide to defy the directive to embark on what she believes is a potential super-spreader of the virus.

“Despite the detailed plan enumerated by the protestors in line with Covid-19 protocols, the police say “there is no way that we can be able to guarantee for a fact that such a large demonstrating public will adhere to such a plan”.

Some agitated Ghanaians on 4th April served the Ghana police a notice of a planned demonstration against economic hardships on May 9.

The protest which started on Twitter with the hashtag #FixTheCountry is expected to intensify on the streets of Accra.

According to them, the change they voted for has still not materialized with inconsistent power supply, lack of water in some parts of the country caused by galamsey activities.

Other concerns highlighted include unemployment, dilapidated health system, high accommodation rate, poor road network, and general hardship.

In a letter addressed to the police on the intended demonstration, the group said they are embarking on the action “on the back of a string of consistently broken promises by successive governments”.

They are embarking on the protests “in the exercise of our democratic rights as citizens to express our frustration over perennial governmental incompetence, refusal and/or inability to fix the country”.

The notice said the organizers were “committed to improving the substance of governance in this country by ensuring that the ordinary voices of Ghanaians provide a mechanism to hold elected officials accountable”.

The group indicated that they do not intend to deliver a petition to the Presidency. They plan to assemble at Independence Square at 8:30am for the march to commence at 9:30am then disperse at 37 Maxmart.

The march will proceed peacefully, and at a socially distanced pace from the Blackstar Independence Square Station, the organizers assured.

From Independence Square, the group will continue along the 28th February Road, then join the Atta Mills High Street; then down Graphic Road towards the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange, using Dr. Busia Highway, and then return on Dr. Busia Highway to meet Ring Road West Road.

They plan to continue on that street through Ring Road central, Odoi Kwao Loop, Hilla Limann Highway, Sunyani Avenue, Kanda Link among other routes.

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