Dogs and Cats Wouldn’t Do What LGBTQ+ Members Are Doing-Theologian goes wild (audio)

A theologian who teaches at the Pentecost University and also the West African Director of the Samaritan Strategy, Dr. Dr. Christopher Ampadu has descended on people calling for legalization of LGBQ+ in the country.

Dr. Dr. Christopher Ampadu says the LGBQ+ is against Christianity and also against the culture of Ghanaians as a nation

Classifying the acts, Dr. Dr. Christopher Ampadu says Dogs and Cats wouldn’t do what their requesting to do in the country.

He added that, he has heard people saying it is their rights to embark on that but however disputed it and says there is nothing human about what they want to do

“There is nothing human because animals, dogs, cats wouldn’t do what they are doing. So when you say Human rights what is human there and what is right?.”

“We have the way we were taught during our infancy and as the nation we have some culture that doesn’t need to be left out, where from these attitudes, where did we get these mindsets from because you can see that we were not trained for this action and also per our culture we are not to even mention it at all”

He says it will be better all radio and TV stations including the nation to stop talking about it because the more discussion is ongoing that’s when people’s attentions are been drawn to that.

Dr. Dr. Christopher Ampadu further explained that some people have gone for money in order to turn to advocates but he believes God judgments will come on them soon

Responding to how some MPs are standing against itDr. Dr. Christopher Ampadu says all the MPs should let Ghanaians know their standpoint with the LGBTQ+ so that their constituents will know what to do in the next elections

Moreover, Dr. Dr. Christopher Ampadu suggested that the voting against or for the LGBTQ+ shouldn’t be a secret ballot but rather an open one for everybody to know their stance.

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