Funerals, other celebrations cannot exceed 2 hours- Akufo Addo

The president of the nation, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo in his address to the nation on Sunday, 25th July 2021 announced a cap limit on the amount of time spent at funerals and other celebrative programs.

This comes at the backdrop of the growing numbers in covid 19 infections in the country. According to the president, reports from the Ghana Health Service indicate that the number of covid 19 infections are rising steadily, with a chunk of the number being recorded in Accra and Kumasi as a result a new variant of the covid 19 virus.

This according to him is due to the fact that majority of people have let their guards down and have not been strict in following the covid 19 safety protocols.

To this end, many celebrations, and ceremonies, including funerals, weddings and other custom ceremonies must not exceed 2hours.

This is in hope that cutting down the number of hours spent in contact will reduce the likelihood of infection among celebrants.

After parties such as wedding receptions have also been banned, and one-week celebrations that are typical for funerals have been relegated to only family members, which must also not exceed 2hours.

What is the science behind the time limit?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, limiting the amount of time spent in physical contact can reduce the likelihood of getting infected, especially on occasions that require physical presence of many people gathered in a spot.

Reducing the amount of contact hours thereby ensures that physical contact activities are reduced, with many activities being cancelled and replaced with only activities that are extremely important.

This in turn will reduce how many people get to shake hands, engage in long and sometimes unnecessary conversations and limits the possibility of spreading the virus.

The president also announced that all events associated with funerals must be held in open-air spaces, with strict adherence to the covid 19 protocols.

As for returning to the initial responsive measures against the virus in its early discovery days in Ghana, the president was negative. Although no indication was given in return to the days of lockdown, the president took the opportunity to remind Ghanaians that covid 19 compliance and enforcement teams are still in force, and anyone who is found flouting the rules and risking the lives of others will have himself to blame.

Regarding vaccines and vaccination, the president has given assurance that Ghana is already in some strategic partnerships that will soon deliver a number of vaccines for at least, 17 million adult population. Already, over 1 million Ghanaians have been vaccinated, and this number is expected to double in the coming days when Ghana takes delivery of the vaccines that are the way.

Travelling in and out of Ghana is still possible, except that those arriving in Ghana must be in possession of a negative covid 19 PCR test (not more than 72hours old). Returnees are also required to take a two-week mandatory quarantine.

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