It is a criminal offence to bribe a police officer, stop it-Drivers told

The Tesano Divisional Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Oduro Amaning has indicated that inducing Police Officers with bribes is a criminal offence.

The officer appearing on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, explained that both the person who bribe police officers and the officers who receive the same are guilty of the offence.

ASP Amaning was reacting to concerns raised by drivers over alleged intimidation and demand for bribes to let them off the hook when they commit traffic offences.

The Commander said it is criminal to induce officers since it is an interference in the work of an officer.

He posited that there are bad nuts in the service and when they are caught, they would be dealt with by the law.

He said persons who offend the law must be punished and not left off the hook because an officer took a bribe.

To him, we must all respect all traffic regulations, and if we are found foul of the law, we have to avail ourselves of the consequences.

He admonished officers to be professional, avoid acts that could drag the name of the Police Service in the mud.

He stressed the need for the Police to treat drivers with respect and not intimidate them.

To drivers, he advised them to respect the Police and not attack them for doing their work.

According to him, if you break a traffic offence, you have to be arrested and sent to the station, and processed for court.

He lamented some drivers also induce police officers but warned, “if you are an officer and engage in collecting crimes from drivers, stop it because of you are caught, we will deal with you. If you are a driver and induce an officer and you are caught, you would be punished, ” he added.

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