‘NDC Feels Threatened We’ll Use Agenda 111 To Break The “8’ – NPP

The New Patriotic Party, NPP, has ridiculed the National Democratic Congress (NDC) saying, the opposition party is threatened by the government’s ambitious ‘Agenda 111’ hospitals initiative.

According to the NPP, the NDC’s criticism and opposition to ‘Agenda 111‘ is borne out of the fear that it [NDC] will suffer another humiliating defeat in the next general elections because it suspects the governing party will ride on the massive health project to gather more votes in the 2024 polls.

Speaking at a media engagement in Accra on Friday, August 20, 2021, Communications Director of the NPP, Yaw Buaben Asamoa, hit hard at the NDC for the deliberate attempts to cast doubts on ‘Agenda 111’ given their “poor leadership and inability to improve the country’s health space”.

“For open political purposes founded on the spirit of non-performance and incompetence, the NDC wants an initiative that is set to benefit millions of Ghanaians stopped just because it threatens their assumptions of the 2024 election. The NDC sees Agenda 111 as a game-changer to defeat their archaic model of regime change every eight years. They are afraid we will break the eight. Agenda 111 complements major reforms in the health sector”.
Each of the hospitals will cost $16.88 million, with $12.88 million being used for the construction of the hospitals and $4 million for medical equipment.

The government said it has already set aside $100 million as commencement funding. However, the Minority in Parliament believes the government is not being honest about expected expenditure on the Agenda 111 project.

former Minister of Health under the erstwhile NDC administration, Alex Segbefia, has also said the government’s plan to build 111 hospitals across the country, is just a repackaged plan that may not see the light of day.

But Yaw Buaben Asamoa at the press conference disputed these assertions.

“The NDC has desperate cries for recognition. They are pretending to be alarmed at abandoned projects and the lack of financial resources to complete Agenda 111. Well, let’s tell them today. There are no abandoned projects. Every project has a reason why it is happening or not happening.”

“They describe Agenda 111 as a knee-jerk reaction without reading the NDC’s manifesto of 2016 and 2020. The 2016 manifesto promised to upgrade district hospitals and establish new ones in districts where there were none. The 2020 manifesto specifies 101 district hospitals due for construction. So Agenda 111 is a well-thought-through intervention worthy of study by the NDC”, he added.

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