“All This ‘Trans’ Stuff Is A Mental Health Disorder” – Mental Health Expert.

A mental health expert has affirmed that persons who describe themselves as transgender are delusional, thus need help.

Dr Yao Mfodwo intimated that having thoughts that are not in line with what actually exists in reality, are delusions and are classified as mental health illness.

“All this ‘trans’ stuff about being in a woman’s body instead of a man are all delusional stuff. And, per simple definition delusional is a fixed false belief that is not amenable to reason and all those around you can see that what you say or what you’re doing does not make sense,” he said.

The comment was part of conversations on mental health awareness and the need for all to stay mentally healthy.

Dr Yao Mfodwo acknowledged that based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) standard of disease classifications, it cannot be said that gay, bisexual, and lesbian practices are mental health disorders. “It used to be but per research, it is no longer,” he said.

However, the transgender and queer groups under the sexual minorities can be classified as having mental health disorders.

The CEO/Consultant Psychiatrist at the Brain Clinic Limited further stated that other significant symptoms of mental illness, are loss of sleep, loss of appetite, loss of sexual desire, changes in mood, and strange thoughts.

He, thus, entreated persons who may be suffering from any of the listed conditions to seek help from health experts in order to prevent the condition from deteriorating.

Meanwhile, conversations about LGBTQI+ continue to divide opinions in the public space, following calls for the Promotion of Proper Human Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021 to be passed.

Proponents of the Bill in various discourses have indicated that health services will be provided to persons practicing any of the activities under the LGBTQI+.

However, a section of the public is also kicking against the Bill on grounds that the bill will engender sanction from the international community.

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