Guys are boring; they only talk about football and nice ladies-S3fa

Thrilling Ghanaian female songster and Black Avenue Muzik endorser Sefa has uncovered what she sees as dull with regards to guys or men.

As maintained by the “E Choke” hitmaker in a meeting with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, she said guys are boring to be around because all they discuss is either a footballer match or players or only find interest in talking about nice ladies.

Sefa clarified that she has ended up in the midst of folks multiple times and realized that the things they generally talk about are either football or pleasurable women which she thinks is exceptionally exhausting consequently her decision.

Sefa anyway contrasted the social affairs of ladies with that of men and said that ladies are intriguing in light of the fact that they have numerous things to discuss, not at all like folks who just discuss themselves.

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