Jealous Boyfriend Allegedly Smashes Partner’s Head To Death.

Akua Kyerewaa with her newly found boyfriend, Stephen Odoom reside in Wassa Essamang in the Western Region of Ghana.

On the dawn of Sunday, October 17, Emmanuel Essel, the brother of Akua had information that his sister had been killed and the body is lying helplessly in a nearby bush.

He was lost and decided to move to the scene and truly, his sister had been killed.

According to reports, Akua Kyerewaa tried to save herself from the deadly scene but she could not overpower her boyfriend.

Traces of their struggle could be seen at the location where the body was found. A tree close to the same location was the main weapon for the boyfriend.

Marks of struggle were written all over the tree and the brother of the deceased believes that the boyfriend smashed the head of his sister against the tree multiple times before she finally passed out.

The brother called the police and the body has since been conveyed to the mortuary.

Like many others, Emmanuel Essel is struggling to comprehend why the young man could kill her sister because a few days before the death, the two had a misunderstanding which the family resolved.

The boyfriend is unhappy that the late Akua Kyerewaa is still communicating with her baby daddy who stays in the same community even though the marriage has collapsed.

Also, he suspected the lady to be speaking on phone with the baby daddy again and that got him angry to allegedly commit such an offence

Emmanuel Essel confirmed in a telephone interview that, they have placed a call to the Central Region where the absconded boyfriend hails from and his family has confirmed that he was there a few moments ago but has bolted again to an unknown location.

A picture of the young man has since been circulated for easy identification to enable the police to arrest him as soon as possible.

This is turning out to be a clear case of a jealous boyfriend. From the account of the brother of the late Akua Kyerewaa, the boyfriend has been complaining about the constant calls being placed to the baby daddy who also lives in the Wassa Essamang community to the extent that family members had to constantly come in to resolve the issue.

This should have sent a strong signal to the family members that the protection of their relative was paramount but they refused to take matters seriously.

The suspect, Stephen Odoom is currently on the run.

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