I’ll be surprised if foolish Raymond Atuguba is not invited for coup comments — KT Hammond

Member of Parliament (MP) for Adansi Asokwa, Kobina Tahir (KT) Hammond has taken a swipe at the Dean of the University of Ghana Faculty, Professor Raymond Atuguba for his ‘Ghana’s rise for coup prediction.’

He described the comments of the Law Professor as foolish and irresponsible.

Hon. KT Hammond said he will be surprised if Raymond Atubiga is not invited by the police for inciting coup.

“If the people do not like the NPP administration because they feel that we messed up it is for the people of the country to pass their judgement, it is not for the person who thinks he knows the law and who thinks he has studied the law to go about and brandishing foolishness like that. I will be surprised if they have not already invited him. Clear foolishness,” he stated.

His outburst follows a public forum organised by Solidaire Ghana on February 28, where Professor Raymond Atuguba said Ghana is ripe for coup if something is not immediately done to avert it.

“We do not want coup in this country but if we do not act quickly we may have one in our hands. There is one thing to do now, prevent coup in Ghana since the climate and the environment, national and immediate international, are conducive for one. We must compel the government to acknowledge the current economic mess, they mostly, and previous governments, to a larger extent.

“Ghana’s economic problems started before Covid-19. On balance, Covid-19 was a good thing for Africa and Ghana.” he said at the forum.

At a press conference in Parliament on Wednesday March 2, 2022, KT Hammond wonders why the NDC will always be inciting coup when NPP is ruling.

“Why is it that in the course of NPP administration every opportunity that the NDC gets, not all of them to be fair, but the irresponsible ones are calling for intervention of the military?

“What is it about the Military? Let me tell Professor Atuguba that he doesn’t have the liberty to take leave of his brain, he does not have the liberty to take even half of his brain.

“He owes it to his students and he owes it to the constitution that everybody including him has no reason to say the kind of things he has said. He is a Professor and of no other thing but of law, he understands the constitution.

“This is the constitution that has made it very clear, anybody who attempts to subvert it commits the offence that he knows, he goes to make a statement like this.”

He continued, “The Military knows what they are up to, they are a professional institution, their responsibility is to guide the territorial integrity of this country, period, they know it, they are not interested in dabbling in politics. The group before them had dabbled in politics and we are all witnesses to these happenings. They are not interested, the officers are professionals, the rank and file, they are professionals they know their duties. It is not the likes of Atuguba to invite them to hold the country to ransom.

“Clearly, he is NDC sympathizer and indeed, I do know that at a point in time he worked with the office of the president, he is an NDC sympathizer but no problem with that but the constitution allows for the people of Ghana to speak at periodic times.

“The last one was 2020, we had the election, four more years, we have spent almost one and a half years thereafter, we will go for election.”

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