Dumsor is not coming back; there is no cause for worry – Egyapa Mercer

Deputy Minister of Energy, Andrews Egyapa Mercer has said there should be no worry over claims that unannounced power outages (dumsor) are coming back.

According to him, data available to the government gives a clear indication that ‘dumsor’ is not a threat to Ghana at this point in time.

“We are not threatened by ‘dumsor’ at all. If you look at the data we are not threatened by dumsor,” Egyapa Mercer said during an appearance on the Good Evening Ghana show.

The Deputy Energy Minister further stressed, “We [government] are not worried at all. To the extent that we operate equipment, you cannot predict. There are planned outages and unplanned outages.

“Planned outages I expect the ECG and the GRIDCO…to announce and people plan for.”

Last Saturday, several parts of the country experienced a blackout, leaving people complaining and lambasting the government to come clean and admit there are challenges in the power sector.

However, on Monday, the Ghana Grid Company released a statement to apologise to the general public. It explained that the major power outage was a result of some faulty equipment.

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