E-Levy: Implementation challenges will continue until July – MTN

MTN says the country will continue to face challenges with the implementation of the E-Levy until July this year.

The implementation of the levy which kick-started on May 1 has been faced with some challenges, including wrongful taxation of some customers.

CEO of Mobile Money at MTN Eli Hini said because the deadline for SIM re-registration has been extended to July that will be the time the implementing agencies will get the full scope and be able to complete the identification process.

“SIM registration deadline was the end of March that has been moved forward, now in the implementation that will now derive the use of the SIM registration using the GRA’s common platform is now the July 1. So essentially that is when we get the full scope and we are able to complete the identification on either party and so with that, we will not be able to achieve that now then is the opportunity for those who may have been wrongly taxed to complain and get the refund.”

Meanwhile, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) will later this week field questions from multiple stakeholders regarding issues that have come up following the implementation of the Electronic Transfer Levy (E-Levy).

This comes on the back of numerous complaints about alleged unjustified deductions from people’s accounts along with other complaints following the implementation of the E-Levy.

CEO of the Telecoms Chamber, Dr. Kenneth Ashigbey, said a comprehensive education campaign is underway to improve the level of understanding of the levy.

“The agency leading the communication campaign is GRA due to the fact that this is a tax related project. We have a strategy in place. On Thursday May 5th there will be a press conference where the Commissioner-General will address concerns and take questions. We also have our scheduled media engagements which we’ve already started on TV and radio. We’ll soon start rolling out some above the line campaigns as well as some posters, SMS’s and FAQ’s. We also have call centers set up by all the charging entities and the GRA itself, which will help with the education.”

“So all of these have been planned and will be rolled out as the days go by to ensure that we are able to get the understanding to the people. Because that is the key thing. The assumption is that all the errors that are being made and the miscommunication are from a genuine lack of knowledge,” he added.

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