I won’t help you with ‘Sika Gari” if you’re underage- Nana Agradaa warns.

Ghana’s economy is now developing and many people keep complaining of unemployment in the country. The government claims to be doing their best but it still seems to fall short as the youth are looking for shortcuts to make money at once including game betting, ‘Sakawa’ and fraud.

One of the ways Ghanaians get quick money includes going for spiritual help from native traditionalist. A popular traditionalist who is mostly seen on TV is Nana Agradaa and was recently accused of defrauding some people.

She however has stated on live TV that no matter the frustrating needs of someone who underage she’ll not help him or her financially. According to Nana Agradaa, people under 18 do need a huge sum of money for anything. She made emphasis on Thunder Television as she reacted to claims of frauding people who were at her shrine for assistance.

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