Mahama must be thankful to’ ‘lazy’ Special Prosecutor and AG for his temerity to speak on corruption- APJ fires back

Action Patriots for Justice, (APJ) a group associated with the ruling NPP has described the former President John Mhamah as “a leader without conscience”, saying: “If indeed he had a conscience, he would run away whenever the issue of corruption is mentioned adding that, had it not been AG and Special Prosecutor’s laziness, Mr Mahama would have been quiet by my now.

According to the group  Special Prosecutor and AG are sleeping on the jobs allowing Ex- President Mahama who ‘was’ and  ‘is’ an embodiment of corruption and overseer of a corruptible administration ever recorded in the history of this country  to declare  that President Akufo-Addo has lost the corruption war is very embarrassing.

In a statement issued and signed by the Chairman for the group Mr Oheneba Appiagyei Donkor said “Mahama is better off not talking about issues of corruption in the country because he is an embodiment of corruption.”

“In fact, this claim by Mahama, as well as the other claim that President Akufo-Addo has lost the corruption war, only betrays him as somebody with no sense of shame, and he thinks he can continue to take Ghanaians for a ride because, to him, ‘Ghanaians have short memories’,” Mr Oheneba Appiagyei Donkor said.

Mahama on President Akufo-Addo’s corruption fight

In a statement to mark International Anti-Corruption Day, which was observed on Monday, the former President accused President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of not doing well in the fight against corruption.

In Mr Mahama’s view, the man who took over from him as the President of Ghana has “lost the war on corruption”.

“Fighting corruption requires genuine and collective efforts, particularly from political leaders. As we demonstrated in the past, the National Democratic Congress will make no excuses in this fight.

“Sadly, recent surveys are confirming that we are losing the fight against corruption. This is the worry of majority of Ghanaians,” the former President and NDC flagbearer claimed in his statement.

APJ’s response

But responding to Mr Mahama’s claims, the APJ   indicated that, the corruption which involves irregularities surrounding the doling out of bauxite concessions to Exton Cubic, a company owned by President Mahama’s younger brother Ibrahim is the conclusion that Mr Mahama’s main motivation of coming into office was to steal the resources of the country to satisfy his personal greed and that of his family.

APJ Ghana’s Special Prosecutor wants Mr Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu as well as Madam Gloria Akuffu to wake from their slumber and expedite action in prosecuting Mr. Mahama and his surrogates who have embezzled state funds running to hundreds of millions of Ghana Cedis.

Read the full statement below


Action Patriots for Justice, (APJ) has observed in stupefied  amazement, the campaign style of former prez Mahama, the latest anti corruption campaigner who just emerged from utopia as the Melchizedek of our time.

Is it not mind-boggling and politically incorrect, to see a man, when in office as the vice president to the late professor Mills, was investigated over an aircraft he(Mahama) was assigned to negotiate and purchase for Ghana and the malfeasance that transpired thereof, has now transmogrified into a Saint overnight, preaching morals and virtue.

There is a saying in our local parlance that says: “Dua ma neho Kwan a, ena  ewo) dore mu” which simply means that, if government allows a corrupt man and his surrogates to walk around freely without prosecution, why won’t they talk the way they are talking.

Mahama is an embodiment of corruption and overseer of a corruptible administration ever recorded in the history of this country yet he has the hardihood to speak on  corruption issues because the special prosecutor and the attorney General are ineffectively inactive and have almost failed in the prosecution of all alleged corrupt former officials of the erstwhile Mahama government.

This is a former president, who institutionalized double salary regime, to enrich his MP’s and appointees.

This is a former president who took a 100. 000 dollars worth of a brand new Ford expedition from a contract he(Mahama) awarded to one Djibril Kanazoe, a contractor from Burkina Faso, and one wonders how much of such benefits he has enjoyed in a form of monies from the numerous contracts he awarded from the presidency that did not come to light.

As if these were not enough, former president Mahama clandestinely allotted 80% of the country’s bauxite deposit at Nyinahini worth 200 million dollars to his brother, but thanks to the Supreme Court of the land for their swift legal intervention, halting such dubious deal and this happened 9days after he(Mahama has lost the 2016 elections.

So why won’t such a walking illegality and flimflammer hide behind fatigued appointees shirking their responsibilities and point fingers at innocent people, knowing very well that, he(Mahama) cannot stand the test of corruption and is famously known worldwide as a deep rooted worse corrupt candidate leading the NDC.

The special prosecutor and attorney General must sit up or resign honorably.

Iong live Ghana

Iong live APJ


Kwadwo Owusu

# 0244160707


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