Former President John Mahama : “May We Be Inspired By The Sacrifice To Give Back To Humanity”.

Former President, John Dramani Mahama has called on Muslims to be inspired to give back to society as they celebrate Eid-ul-Adha today.

This forms part of a message “from my wife, Lordina, and I” to all Muslims during the Islamic festivity.

“As we safely celebrate with family and loved ones, may our prayers be answered and our sacrifices be acceptable to Allah. May we be inspired by the sacrifice to give back to humanity, something that is bigger than ourselves,” he said in his Facebook post.

According to Mr Mahama, the celebration also “reminds us of the value of obedience, sacrifice and Allah’s divine mercy.”

“Above all, may Allah accept our prayers, heal our world and bless our homeland Ghana,” he noted on Tuesday.

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