No international platform needs you; allow Stonebwoy to shine – Sally Mann mocks Shatta Wale

Sally Mann, an entertainment pundit, has said that Ghanaian Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale is not relevant on the international stage hence he should concede his failure and appreciate his colleague, Stonebwoy for his exploits.

Her comment comes on the back of Shatta Wale describing Stonebwoy as a ‘curtain-raiser’ artiste.

She disclosed that Stonebowy’s feat on the global stage is unparalleled considering the international platforms he has performed and put the Ghana music industry on the map.

The entertainment pundit believes that Shatta Wale’s poor record when it comes to international awards and platforms is nothing to write home about and should focus on reviving his music career instead of bastardizing artists who are excelling.

Speaking on Power FM’s Power Entertainment monitored by GhanaWeb, Sally Mann stated that Shatta Wale is nowhere close to Stonebwoy in terms of feats in his musical career despite having one of the biggest fan bases in the country.

She advised Shatta Wale to allow Stonebwoy to shine instead of making disparaging comments about his colleague musician whose diligence is paying off.

“He [Stonebwoy] has good PR, but Wale has not achieved enough to be throwing jabs at Stonebwoy, so he should stop,” said Sally.

“Currently, he [Shatta Wale] is nowhere near Stonebwoy. Because we thought he was the messiah. He said Samini hasn’t done anything because he has the fans and what happened with that? After getting Beyonce’s collaboration what did you do with it? Allow Stonebwoy to shine because he is a very hard-working artiste,” she indicated.

Sally Mann further chastized Shatta Wale for not making good use of his fame when he was thriving and admonished him to support Ghanaian artists who are performing well internationally to help project Ghana’s music industry.

“He [Shatta Wale] had popularity but couldn’t do anything useful with it,” she said. “The last time, he said he didn’t want to go to any international platform, but that was a lie. No international platform needs him.”

“If Shatta Wale does not praise Stonebwoy on his international feat and continues saying that Stonebwoy cannot be compared to Burna Boy, didn’t he start from a lower level before he became Burna Boy? After doing a music video and sharing an alcoholic drink with Burna Boy, where did it go?

“He [Shatta Wale] thought it was easy to be prominent which is why I am saying that on the African or world platform, you cannot throw jabs at Stonebwoy because he is ahead of you in terms of everything,” she added.


On the back of the comparison between Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians, Stonebwoy in a conversation with media personality Berla Mundi talked about the state of the Ghana music industry in light of the successful O2 Arena concert by Nigerian artiste Asake.

In his narrative, Stonebwoy, along with others, asserted that the imposition of such pressures would yield no solutions unless the proper systems were established. He emphasized the necessity for increased industry awareness to foster its growth.

However, in a video circulating on social media, Shatta Wale strongly rebuked Stonebwoy’s remarks. He argued that Stonebwoy was diminishing his own worth and predicted that he would never attain the same level of respect and attention as top Nigerian artists.

“Stonebwoy was asked if he was facing pressure, and he said no pressure, but awareness. You dress and do your Instagram photos like Burna Boy. Hasn’t anyone told you? You are facing pressure, which is why you want to go on stage later, you want to be on stage at the same time as Wizkid? Look at what you did at AfroNation Detroit. You were given time to come on stage, you wanted to go at the time you wanted.

“You allow yourself to be paid $10,000 while Burna Boy gets paid $300,000. Did you expect to be treated like an important person? You are just a curtain raiser!! You will never get the same platform as Wizkid, Davido, or Burna Boy!” Shatta Wale fumed.

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