‘Wicked’ Mahama kicked me out and appointed Lordina as an AIDS ambassador – Dzidzor Mensah

Former AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has disclosed that former President John Dramani Mahama took deprived the AIDS ambassadorial position and in her place appointed his wife Lordina Mahama.

According to her, Mrs. Mahama allegedly embezzled several funds that were meant for campaigns to help fight stigmatization and also get Ghanaians to stay safe.

Joyce noted that although she is not to be blamed for embezzlement of funds, she is being wrongfully accused and wanted for something she has never done.

In a post on Facebook, she said ” Former president John Mahama was the vice chairman of the Aids commission when I was made the ambassador in 2011

I remember very well the congratulatory messages Dr Amenya used to send me after my programmes .he always appreciated the fact that i was delivering beyond their expectation.

I’m that kind of person who works with full speed when given a task.

We were in Washington Dc in America with some ministers when His Excellency Professor Mills died in 2012 and the moment we returned to Ghana and Mr Mahama was made the president, they kicked my ass out and gave my position to Madam Lordina Mahama.

I was a very quiet person then who hardly complains so i didn’t say anything. they didn’t ever imagine in thier wildest dream that i could grow to be this vocal to speak against what they did to me.

Madam Lordina Mahama please with all due respect go and give all the Millions of dollars you were busily collecting back to Abronye.

Now you want Abronye DC to arrest me for what i know nothing about.

It’s time for me to return to Ghana in few

Ghanaians help me i
know nothing about the AIDS money please beg The Police and Abronye Dc for me.

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