Okomfo Anokye is equal to Jesus-Adonai Lucifer (video)

The self-acclaimed Satanist and supporter of Lucifer, Adonai, said in an exclusive interview with the Prekese on it’s socio- religious program Wo Nyame Som Mponi on Sankofa Radio Int’l (USA) A and Sankofa Radio 98.9 in Takoradi has claimed that  Okomfo Anokye wielded the same power as Jesus.

According to the Satanist, who is of Ghanaian nationality,  every human being has special powers and can become a god in his own right through a series of incantations and rituals  He added that since Okomfo Anokye came in human form just like Jesus , we can therefore liken them to each other.

Adonai went on to say that the Christian Fellowship itself is a form of idol worship and that almost everyone on earth wears the 666 marks that were mentioned in the Bible.

Watch the full video below:

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