I Wore Silicon For Nine Months To Fake Pregnancy – Josephine Reveals.

Information from our source in Takoradi indicates that the alleged ‘kidnapped victim has confessed to the police that she had been wearing the silicon for nine months and pretended to be pregnant.

She also lied to the husband that she had been visiting the hospital for anti-natal care.

It is strange how the husband was unable to see traces of the pregnancy silicon in their matrimonial room but it is understandable to the extent that the lady prevented him from having affair with her after the pregnancy advanced. We can only wait for the laws of the country to take deal with the case accordingly.

She told the police about how she planned everything. In the movies, women are seen wearing silicon to entice their viewers into believing that they are pregnant. They come in different colours that match the skin and it is very difficult to detect them from real pregnancy, this is exactly how Josephine Mensah Panyin Simons planned her pregnancy.

Josephine Mensah Panyin Simons has been wearing pregnancy belly silicon for the past nine months to deceive the husband and other neighbours that she was pregnant.

Physically anyone sees her pregnant with a maternity attire, she apparently had different sizes of silicon and at every point in time, she changes to suit the age of the pregnancy.

She also mastered how pregnant ladies walk and anytime she is in the public domain, she wins sympathy for being pregnant. People who touched her pregnancy felt it was real because the pregnancy belly silicon was communicating the same.

It would have been very difficult for anyone to have believed that she was wearing pregnancy silicon because she acts and behave just like a pregnant woman.

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