GPRTU Members Demonstrates Over Wretched Roads In Shama, Causing Heavy Traffic.

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) of the Shama Assembly on October 25, 2021, blocked some parts of the Shama roads due to its deplorable state.

Speaking to the secretary of GPRTU in Shama, Mr Isaac Armoo made it known that the Apemanim to Adansi Wiredukrom road has been in a deplorable state for several years and their plea to authorities to get the roads fixed have fallen on deaf ears.

He said, ”It is not our will to block the road but the authorities are not heeding to our cry to get the road fixed. There are about three oil companies here that ply the road with their articulated trucks and end up depleting the road from its initial state.

He went ahead to reveal that they have made reports concerning the state of the road to the Shama District Assembly and even pleaded with them emotionally but were told to wait for a while and they have been waiting since without any action being taken.

“They told us to wait and we have been waiting since without any further reply or any action being taken, currently anytime we use our vehicles on the road, we end up getting stuck up in the middle because of the state of the road,” he said.

He emphasized that they are hurt by the treatment received from the District Assembly. It’s been years but the road is still in its bad state and now completely destroyed making it difficult to use.

He concluded that they are not working today because of their demonstration which they have mounted a roadblock with about 25 vehicles and unless the Shama Assembly or Mpohor District has given them machines or products to fix the road, they are not moving an inch.

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