Licking, Sucking Is Risky, It Can Cause Throat Cancer-Health Advocate

Health Advocate Madam, Madam Freda Agyemang Sarpong, has revealed the licking of the vagina and the sucking of the penis can cause throat cancer.
According to her, Ghanaians should desist from the licking of private parts during sexual intercourse because of the risk involved.
She said, her research shows that youths are engaging in licking of private parts at increasingly young ages, compared to past generations which have led to the consistent increase in throat cancer,” Freda Agyemang Sarpong told Kwame Tutu on Anopa Nkomo

However, she stressed that in recent years, cases have been rising, it has been linked with the common Human Papillomavirus (HPV).
HPV infection is quite common, and most people clear the virus within a year or two, she said. The astute health advocate advises Ghanaians to stay away from licking and it will prevent them from having throat cancer.
In some cases, however, HPV does not go away and can lead to cellular changes in the mouth and throat, which eventually become cancerous.

The disease has traditionally been considered to be one that affects smokers and heavy drinkers in later life.

But over recent years, as cases have been rising, it has been linked with the common human papillomavirus (HPV).

The group of viruses affects the skin and moist membranes that line the body, including the anus, cervix and mouth and throat.
While HPV does not directly trigger cancer, it causes changes in the cells it has infected (for example, in the throat or cervix), and these cells can then become cancerous.

Source: Kingdom FM

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