Going to church to ask God for a husband is stupidity

Controversial actor, Nana Tornado, has asserted that any woman who goes to kneel in church begging God for a husband, is stupid.

Tornado made this assertion in an interview with host, Adwen-the Love Doctor, on e.TV Ghana’s adult edutainment Show, In Bed with Adwen.

He explained that it is only common sense that when a woman wants to attract a man, that she dress nicely and attractively.

“Common sense tells you that if you want a man to see you and approach you, you need to dress well and look attractive. So why do you have to go and kneel in church, calling on Jesus to give you a husband. It is stupidity and anyone who does that is stupid”, he maintained.

According to him, the basic reason for a woman to look attractive, is to look appealing to men, and secondly to herself.

Nana Tornado advised that it is very important for a woman to look and smell good at all times because even the smell of a woman’s perfume, can have a man go crazy over her.

“There are some people that naturally, even if they go three days without bathing for whatever reason, you won’t smell any bad odor from them. There are also some people, if you put deodorant under their armpits now, in just forty minutes time, you will smell pepper”, he observed.

Per this, the actor urged all that people who know that they have odor problems should make it a point to clean up regularly to smell good, as well as look good too at all times.

Source: Etvghana.com

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