Albinos Appeal for Protection over Ritual Killings Ahead of 2020 Elections

Persons with Albinism in Ghana are calling for protection as the December 7 Presidential and Parliamentary elections draw closer.

The fear of the albinos stemmed from reports of attacks and ritual murders of persons living with albinism for political powers in some African Countries which Ghana is not exculpated during an election year.

Newton Komla Katseku the National Director of Ghana Association of Persons with Albinism (GAPA) said it is undeniable fact that albinos are sacrificed for rituals during major elections hence calls on the security agencies to pay much attention to the security of persons with Albinism in the country.

“You cannot separate Political power from ritualism. The presentation that I have done indicates some reports suggest that persons with albinism have been used for sacrifices in quest of power from the 2008 election to date in Ghana. And it is happening physically in some of the neighboring countries in Africa.

It is something that we need to guard against. Properly, what we need to do is to hold political stakeholder engagement so that we explain to them if you take the life of somebody for power whom are you going to rule in future .so persons with Albinism will continue to cry and call for protection before, during and after the election” Newton Komla Katseku, said.

Ghana Association of Persons with Albinism made the call in Koforidua on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, during a dialogue meeting with some selected fetish priests, traditionalists, Chiefs as well as representative of CHRAJ and Amnesty International to create awareness and reduce superstitious beliefs which project physique of persons with Albinism as a good omen for ritual purposes.

The association listed several communities such as Kwahu Bokuruwa, Akwamufie, Abease, Larteh, Awukugua in the Eastern Region, and Kane in Upper West Region as known Communities notorious for customs of banishment and attacks on albinos hence calling for reforms to guarantee the safety of persons with albinism.

Robert Akoto Amoafo -Country Director of Amnesty International said it is time Ghana takes the necessary interventions to end all forms of abuse against persons with albinism to improve the country’s human right credibility.

“Our constitution says we should not discriminate against people. It will help us increase our credibility as a country looking at what we are doing to protect the vulnerable.”

“We are going to continue to work with the association to educate people to know that persons with albinism are not strange people. They are human beings as any other person, and our constitution says the rights of all persons as supposed to be respected”

But until that albinos in Ghana continue to suffer discrimination, stigmatization, and human rights abuses with some being denied by families the opportunity to marry their relatives.

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