I want to be president for only 4 years– Kennedy Agyapong

Addressing a cross-section of his supporters in the United States, Kennedy Agyapong emphasized that he was a leader rather than a politician, stating that a politician is more concerned with the next election while a leader is more concerned with the growth of the country.
The Ghanaian politician who is a Member of Parliament for Assin Central, stated this in connection to the poor levels of productivity in the public sector, noting that very little improvement can be accomplished unless a significant change in the political leadership structure is observed.

He believes that in order to promote growth and advancement, it is essential to set certain measures in place to track attendance at work.

For this reason, he has asked the electorates to give him the mandate to lead the county for only four years so that he can right all the ills committed by his predecessors.

“I don’t want to be president for eight years, I only want to be president for four years, challenge me and see how it will be done, and there is a difference between a leader and a politician.

“A leader is the one who thinks of the development of his country and takes bold decisions irrespective of the repercussions. And the politician is the one who thinks of tomorrow’s election and therefore is not bold to take decisions,” he said in a YouTube video shared by Smart Ghana Updates TV.

“And so, I don’t think of tomorrow’s election, I think of today and how I can make a difference,” he stressed adding that even in the event that he was going to spend the full eight-year constitutional term, “Ghanaians will decide after four years, I won’t be afraid, I will invest in Ghana and create employment for the youth,” he said to loud applause.

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