I’m Ready To Kiss Two Coronavirus Patients to prove it doesn’t exist – Ibrah One

One of Ghana’s youngest millionaire, Ibrah One has firmly stated that he is ever ready to kiss two coronavirus patients to prove that the deadly disease doesn’t exist.

Ibrah One disclosed his intention in a snapchat post which he stated emphatically that the president, Nana Akuffo Addo should permit him to meet two patients suffering from the disease as he believes Africans are just heeding to the directions Westerners bring in the world.

“I’m ready to kiss two patients who have the virus just to prove a point. After, I will advise our leaders how to take what belongs to us. We are tired of the stupid white people who rule us like slaves,” He indicated.

According to the millionaire, Ghanaians should stop protesting for justice for George Floyd and that God is about to bless Africans.

“On the 31/12/2019, those who follow me on Snapchat will testify that I posted 2020 is not going to be a good year. Those protesting against the black guy who was killed should stop because God is about to give Africans what belongs to them,” Coronavirus was never from China and the reason was not to make money from it.” He averred.

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