I’ll never love you again- Agradaa weeps over ‘cheating’ husband

Fetish Priestess turned Evangelist, Patricia Agyeiwaa, popularly known as Agradaa says she will never give her heart to her husband, Mr.Eric Oduro Koranteng again even if he decides to stay in the marriage after she suspected him of cheating.

According to raging Agradaa, her husband has been in talks with one Mercy who has been sending him money.

The Woman of God made it known that she also observed her husband was in constant communication with some of her church members who are in the women’s Group and they have been advising her husband how to treat her at home.

Agradaa expressed worry over the above, saying that while she thought her husband was being nice to her by surprising with gifts on Valentine’s Day and others, he was being directed by the women, but made her feel he was in charge.

Heart Broken Agradaa took to social media to say that because the Man is a Pastor, she decided to work to support him, recounting how she has suffered with him for about 25 years.

In one of her rants on social media, Agradaa said God will ask her husband all the things he’s been doing behind her, calling him a wicked man for hiding things from her.

Meanwhile, she told the woman in question, Mercy to continue with her husband despite being married, adding that,”I have blessed the marriage between you and my husband for you.”

Agradaa disclosed how she had been faithful to her husband, recounting how she informed him anytime she had a proposal from men to travel with them.

“Even if I stay with you in the same room with you, you will never get my heart, that is the truth! You are a wicked man, a bad person,” she fumed.

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